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Shoe repair

Our Other Services – Shoe Repair & Specialty Dry Cleaning

If a shoe can be repaired, we can do it. If an item of clothing can be cleaned, we can clean it. At Fabricare in Norwell , MA, our experts repair many types of shoes and boots, with UGG® boots as one of our specialties. Cleaning area rugs? We can do that. Cleaning leather, suede and furs? No problem. Cleaning St. John Knits and other delicate designer clothes? We know how to handle them.

MA Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

A dry cleaner that does shoe repair? Yes, we saw the need, so we have provided the service. We repair and refurbish you best shoes. Don’t throw them out. Let us repair them.

Fur, Leather, and Suede – Cleaning, Alterations, and Storage

No clothing is too hard or two delicate for us to safely clean. We specialize in cleaning furs, suede garments, and leather clothing, and we provide alteration and safe storage for these delicate items .

area rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

We clean rugs! If you can bring it to us, we can clean it. We clean modern and antique area rugs safely and efficiently.

UGG Boot Cleaning

UGG® Boots

UGG® Boots are the ultimate in comfort, but not every shoe repair shop knows how to repair them. But we do! Bring in your UGG® boots, and we will repair and refurbish them.

Designer clothes

St. John Knits and Other Designer Garments

No clothing is too difficult for Fabricare Dry Cleaners to clean. We can safely clean St. John Knits and other top-quality designer clothing.

We know shoe repair and boot repair.

Why throw out a good pair of shoes or boots because you can’t find good shoe repair. Many shoe repair businesses have closed because of cheap imports that aren’t worth fixing. But if you have good shoes or boots (especially UGG® boots), our experts can fix and refurbish them.

We make difficult cleaning easy.

At Fabricare in Norwell, MA, we make difficult dry cleaning easy. Bring your most delicate designer clothes or badly soiled area rugs to us for careful and safe cleaning. We also clean furs, suede, and leather clothing .